Free Eminence Cufflinks Giveaway Lobang !!!

I was approached by Eminence to try out their Cufflinks. Since I don’t wear Cufflinks. I have asked them for 2 Eminence Cufflinks to give away to you instead ! To win them, go to my Facebook, tag a friend and leave a comment there to tell me why you deserve an Eminence CuffLink. I will pick 2 winners with the most creative comments.

Boys, this accessory would lift your image and would be a great conversational starter for business or personal.

Girls, great gift for valentines. They even allow you to personalize the cufflinks. You can put your photo or your kids photo there and make him wear it everyday :). hahaha so evil …(Updates from Eminence, personalization with photos is currently not available, thus the alternative is to use initials)

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Playful Captain America


Classy Nautical









  1. MauroNZ

    Hi Lady, long time without reading any new entries, all good there for you ?

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi MauroNZ, thanks for asking. I am all good :). Taking a break from digital world. Will be updating soon.

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