What is your Bucket List ?

This week, I came across a video Kaileigh's Bucket List Goes Global that has inspired and touched me deeply. Kaileigh Fryer was tragically killed in a Sydney car accident last month, but left behind a bucket list of 49 things she wanted to do before she died, including starting an orphanage.That list has since gone viral and led to complete strangers recording and documenting themselves fulfilling her dreams on her behalf. What is inspiring for me is that a girl of 19 is already living a purposeful life with a beautiful set of goals. Wow !!!

Recently, I have been thinking really hard what I should do if I really do retire. The last thing I want to do when I retire is to sit at the void deck and stare blankly into the air and wonder how long life is going to last like this. Kaileigh’s bucket list have triggered me to draw up my own list. Through this exercise, I found myself ticking off things that I’ve done so far that made me thankful of life itself. I will continue to add things to this list. Who says you will be bored when you retire ?! There’s so many beautiful things to do in life !!! 🙂  Lady, You Can Be Free Bucket List

So what is your bucket list ? You can use the tool that I am using above to create your own list. What is great about this tool is that it gives you ideas by sharing other people’s bucket list. Interestingly, the list does not contain anything related to work (getting that promotion, becoming a CEO or VP)  or money (owning X number of houses or X million dollars). The goal can be as simple as dancing in the rain. Drop me a note below to share with me your bucket list ideas, I would love to hear from you ! 🙂



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  1. Nice to have a bucket list. But why wait till your retirement? U shld start striking off your list now!

    Practically speaking, as we age we have less energy, so don’t wait. 😀

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi pf,
      I have already striked off 95 items in my bucket list. Another 30 pending and more on it’s way :). Good advise, I better start striking off those that requires energy quickly.

  2. Melting_starz

    Hello, I just did 2 things on my bucket list in 6 months. 1 is to bring my parents on overseas trip. My family is not that well to do so we have never gone on a trip tog. Was postponed when I got pregnant but happy to finally complete it when my baby is two years old. Haha 2 is to quit my job and move to part time. I have some long term chronic illness which will see me taking med for the rest of my life. Made a decision to switch part time means a huge pay cut but also huge relief from the stress of having work and taking care of my family. No earning big bucks on my bucket list. But do hope to learn how to invest wisely to get some decent returns rather than leaving money in bank!

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi Melting Starz,

      Thanks for sharing your bucket list with me. The first one is really beautiful :). I am sure the trip is priceless for both you and your parents. I hope your health gets better now that you are working part time.

  3. margtrev

    how sad a beautiful life has been taken, but the positive is it has helped a lot of people come together to look at their’s & others’ life & make it better. the bucket list is a wonderful legacy. as for my own, I have always said I wanted to live in Pt Douglas, after coming back this week from holiday there & seeing about Kaileigh on the telly, it has made me look at life more positively knowing I can do whatever, just get out there & do it . . living in Pt Douglas is No.1 . . I am working on it as of now . . I have run Kayleigh’s list off, she is such an inspiration. Thank you so much for letting me share my thoughts.

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Thanks Margtrev for sharing. I hope you get to live in Pt Douglas soon. It’s such a beautiful place :).

  4. Larry Lai

    One more to add to your list. Learn to do nothing and not go insane. : )

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi Larry,
      Hahahaha…that is a really challenging one to add to the list. 🙂

  5. A Lim

    I checked your bucket list, and would advise you to have a very low expectation on Santa Claus Village in Finland so that it will not come as a disappointment. I find it too commercialised.

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi A Lim, REALLY ?!!! I saw it on TV recently, thought it looked pretty cool 🙂

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