1. I see a problem in your portfolio. There is concentration risk in your portfolio as it consists only of stock investments. It would be prudent for you to practice asset allocation and park some of your investments in other assets, such as gold bullion.

    • Admin@LadyYouCanBeFree.com

      You are spot on. Am definitely looking at diversifying. But there are so many instruments out there so I am learning everyday.
      Thinking of buying SPDR Gold when it goes below 115. Don’t understand Gold Bullion.

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi Gerald,
      Thanks for clarifying. I typically don’t fancy having a running cost on things that I am investing in since what we are trying to do is to maximize every dollar we have. I understand you need to rent a space from the bank to store these gold bars & coins. I cannot afford it today..

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