• My Stock Report Card for Sep, Oct 2015

    My SGX Stock Portfolio - 28 Oct 2015   My USD Stock Portfolio - 28 Oct 2015

    Total Dividend Collected from Jan – Oct 2015 : SGD $ 46,530.24

    Income distribution this months came from AAPL, Citibank, HPH Trust, AIMSAMP, DBS, SGX. Apple and Alibaba results is looking good. I am getting impatient with Twitter. Singapore market is getting really difficult to read or was it just me :-).

    Kudos also to the DBS Vickers IT team who reworked their UI to let me screen capture my portfolio on their new website instead of having to export to an excel spreadsheet every month !

    This month also marks the 2nd anniversary of my blog ! Do give me some feedback on what you’ve enjoyed reading and what kind of content you would like me to share moving forward.

  • My Stock Report Card for July 2014

    My SG Stock Portfolio - 28 July 2014My US Stock Portfolio - 28 July 2014

    Total Dividend Collected from Jan – July 2014 : SGD $30,366.69

    A very dry month (No dividend income). Facebook and Apple results were amazing !  I hope Twitter will catch up soon :-).

  • My Stock Report Card for April 2014

    My SG Stock Portfolio - 27 Apr 2014My US Stock Portfolio - 27 Apr 2014

    Total Dividend Collected from Jan – Apr 2014 : SGD $14,735.66

    Sold ST Engineering. Bought Twitter and Google just for the fun and thrill of it. :-).

    I also took the plunge to buy myself a retirement home (resale flat). I have decided not to take any loans, thus I will be using my cpf to fully pay for this flat and fund the rest via cash. In the coming months, bulk of my income would be diverted to pay for renovation. I guess I have to revise my passive income goal this year to SGD 60K instead of SGD 65K. Exciting year ahead :-p

  • My Stock Report Card for December 2013

    My SG Stock Portfolio - 20 Dec 2013My US Stock Portfolio - 20 Dec 2013

    Total Dividend Collected from Jan – Dec 2013 : SGD 51,291.

    A very exciting month. US Market is really noisy with all the tapering talks. Everything in SG market is in a bargain. Bought some ST Engg, Capitaland, CapitaMall and Suntec Reit. Twitter went all the way up to $60 !!! Facebook joined S&P 500 Stock Index. Mark Zuckerburg sold 41 million shares of FB.

    Finally, I managed to cross the 50K mark for Dividend Income. Happy :-).

  • My Stock Report Card for November 2013

    My SG Stock Portfolio - 29 Nov 2013My US Stock Portfolio - 29 Nov 2013

    Total Dividend Collected from Jan – Nov 2013 : SGD 48,466.

    Mixed feelings this month. I sold SIA away because I was getting tired of this share. As a traveller with Krisflyer, I could feel that their differentiation is slipping away. Besides that, I was thinking of using the cash to buy some Twitter at around US $17 during it’s IPO. Didn’t managed to get Twitter in the end as there was too much hype around it. Twitter went all the way up to US $50.09 !! It’s madness. Anyhow, I will still be watching out for Twitter in their next quarter results as I think they do have long term potential although they have yet to be profitable.

    Near the end of the month, I used some cash to snap up some REITS and M1 as Singapore market seems to be having a mini sale. What surprises me was the US market, it was very happening :). The banks and technology shares were at their record high. I am sooooooo tempted to sell them away.

    As for my passive income, I am pretty disappointed. My goal for 2013 was set at $60K SGD. I only have one month left. I hope I can pass the $50K mark. Doesn’t look promising at all.