• My Stock Report Card for Apr-May 2016

    My SG Stock Portfolio - 15 Jun 2016  My US Stock Portfolio - 15 Jun 2016

    Total Dividend Collected from Jan – May 2016 : SGD $ 31,528.11
    Income distribution in Apr and May came from Apple, Citibank, IBM, Bank Of America, Keppel Corp, SGX, Starhub, UOB, SPH, Suntec Reit, Capitamall trust, Keppel Reit, Sabana Reit and M1.

    OMG ! Microsoft bought Linkedin. I wished I bought Linkedin ;-). Someone please buy Twitter !

  • My Stock Report Card for Nov 2015

    My SGX Stock Portfolio - 13 Dec 2015  My USD Stock Portfolio - 13 Dec 2015

    Total Dividend Collected from Jan – Nov 2015 : SGD $ 58,261.26

    Income distribution in Nov came from SGX, Suntec Reit, SMRT, Capitamall Trust, Keppel Reit, Sabanna, Starhub, Apple and Citigroup. Despite a relatively turbulent year, my dividends target did not suffer too much. I seemed to be on track to match my last year’s results although portfolio wise, it doesn’t look as rosy. Now that my money is finally freed from my renovation and property investment. Time to strategize abit moving forward to grow the dividends target and strengthen the portfolio to prepare for the next BIG sale.


  • My Stock Report Card for Feb 2015
    My SG Stock Portfolio - 9 Mar 2015My US Stock Portfolio - 9 Mar 2015
    Total Dividend Collected from Jan – Feb 2015 : SGD $3,125.85

    Income distribution this month came from SGX, Suntec Reit, Cache Log Trust, Capitamall Trust, Keppel Reit, Sabana Reit, Apple, Citibank. Sold Cache Log Trust.

    Am staring at a paper gain of 645,260.553 SGD for my portfolio (Having butterflies in my stomach :-/). Apple is launching Apple watch today. Keeping fingers crossed 🙂