• My Stock Report Card for Jan – Dec 2017

    US Stock

    US Stock - 7 Jan 2018

    SG Stock

    SG Stock - 7 Jan 2018

    Total Dividend Collected between Jan – Dec 2017 : SGD $ 27,296.13. 

    Total Profit/Loss from Sales of Stock between Jan – Dec 2017 : SGD 120,423.21

    This quarter, I added some Tencent, Intel and Alibaba during the minor market dip. Sold off the remaining Starhub shares (Profit : $20,032.63) when the CEO resigned. 

    What a year 2017 ! Crazy paper gains from my US portfolio. Expected disappointing dividend returns due to the sales of Starhub for my SG portfolio. Looks like I have to review and relook into my passive income investment strategy. I will probably keep more cash now and wait for a better market timing to rebuild my passive income. Thus, 2018’s dividend income would probably be a disaster.

    A shoutout to feedspot for nominating my blog as “Top 100 Singapore Blogs and Websites for Singaporeans”. To be honest, I have been lazy in my blogging in the past year.  However, whenever I thought of quitting, I will get a gentle private nudge from readers to check whether I am still alive ;-). That actually moved and motivated me to continue. Thank you to all who have reached out !

    Singapore Blogs

    Sharing a beautiful song that has been looping non-stop in my playlist during the new year. Happy Wow Wow Year to all !  ūüėČ


  • My Stock Report Card for Aug – Nov 2016

    My SG Stock Portfolio - 10 Dec 2016   My US Stock Portfolio - 10 Dec 2016

    Total Dividend Collected from Jan РNov 2016 : SGD $ 59,048.62
    Income distribution in Aug to Nov came from M1, SMRT, Keppel Corp, Singtel, OCBC, Suntec Reit, Keppel Reit, Starhub, Capitamall Trust, Sabana Reit, HPH Trust, Aimsamp Cap Reit, SGX, IBM, Bank of America, Apple, Citigroup. I took some profits from Citigroup and added more Alibaba this month.

    I am so sorry for the late updates. In the past months, I¬†embarked on this crazy trading learning journey. I’ve always been fascinated by the technicals (Candlesticks, RSI, Fibonacci, Elliot Wave, Ichimoku etc) and since I have been investing for a while.¬†I am always curious how these tools may help me in better manage my portfolio. Thus, I gave myself a 6 months learning challenge and a seed money of $60K SGD. Thank god, I’ve managed to grow the seed money to $100K SGD todate. I am still not convinced¬†this is a sustainable journey. Will keep you folks updated !!

    Here’s a high level view¬†of the crazy ride I had.

    My Trading Journey

  • My Stock Report Card for Aug 2015

    My SGX Stock Portfolio - 13 Sep 2015

    My US Stock Portfolio - 13 Sep 2015

    Total Dividend Collected from Jan РAug 2015 : SGD $ 43,244.61.

    Income distribution this months came from SMRT, Keppel Corp, M1, Singtel, Suntec Reit, Starhub, UOB, Capitalmall Trust, Keppel Reit, Sabana Reit. I added some positions in Keppel Corp, IBM and Alibaba during the market turbulence.

  • My Stock Report Card for Mar, Apr¬†2015

    My SG Stock Portfolio - 5 May 2015My US Stock Portfolio - 5 May 2015

    Total Dividend Collected from Jan РApr 2015 : SGD $4,856.84.

    Income distribution this month came from Bank of America, Aimsamp Cap Reit, HPH Trust and M1.

    I added small positions in Alibaba and Keppel Corp due to their recent fall in prices. I also received payback from Keppel Land ($27,156) who has gone private through the Keppel Corp acquisition program. Apple reported smashing results while Twitter took a plunge due to it’s underperformance¬†earnings and glitch announcements. Sabana results and projected performance is once again a disappointment. Curious¬†to see Alibaba’s results this week :-).

  • My Stock Report Card for Jan 2015

    My SG Stock Portfolio - 31 Jan 2015My US Stock Portfolio - 31 Jan 2015

    Total Dividend Collected from Jan 2015 : SGD $40.90.

    Income distribution this month came from Keppel Reit and Singtel.

    Keppel Corp announce to take Keppel Land private at 4.60. Apple and Facebook results were smashing. Facebook’s advertising strategy is looking really promising. Alibaba¬†didn’t meet earning expectation.

  • My Stock Report Card for Nov¬†2014

    My SG Stock Portfolio - 29 Nov 2014

    My US Stock Portfolio - 29 Nov 2014

    Total Dividend Collected from Jan РNov 2014 : SGD $57,070.68.

    Income distribution this month came from SGX, Keppel Reit, SMRT, Suntec Reit, Cache, Capitalmall Trust, Starhub, Sabana Reit, Apple, Citigroup.

    No transaction this month. Sabana Reit looks terrible and Twitter has been downgraded to Junk. Alibaba is my new darling ;-p.