• My Stock Report Card for Jan – Dec 2017

    US Stock

    US Stock - 7 Jan 2018

    SG Stock

    SG Stock - 7 Jan 2018

    Total Dividend Collected between Jan – Dec 2017 : SGD $ 27,296.13. 

    Total Profit/Loss from Sales of Stock between Jan – Dec 2017 : SGD 120,423.21

    This quarter, I added some Tencent, Intel and Alibaba during the minor market dip. Sold off the remaining Starhub shares (Profit : $20,032.63) when the CEO resigned. 

    What a year 2017 ! Crazy paper gains from my US portfolio. Expected disappointing dividend returns due to the sales of Starhub for my SG portfolio. Looks like I have to review and relook into my passive income investment strategy. I will probably keep more cash now and wait for a better market timing to rebuild my passive income. Thus, 2018’s dividend income would probably be a disaster.

    A shoutout to feedspot for nominating my blog as “Top 100 Singapore Blogs and Websites for Singaporeans”. To be honest, I have been lazy in my blogging in the past year.  However, whenever I thought of quitting, I will get a gentle private nudge from readers to check whether I am still alive ;-). That actually moved and motivated me to continue. Thank you to all who have reached out !

    Singapore Blogs

    Sharing a beautiful song that has been looping non-stop in my playlist during the new year. Happy Wow Wow Year to all !  šŸ˜‰


    There is an interesting financial workshop happening onĀ 17th January 2015 next year. Roland, the organizer has taken the toll to connect with many bloggers inviting them…

    • Age : 39
    • Total Employment :Ā 169,614 SGD
    • Total Local Investment : 1,074,614 SGD
    • Total Foreign Investment : 366,178 SGD
    • Total Dividends : 51,291 SGD
    • Monthly Passive Income : 4,274 SGD
    • Total Net Worth : 1,787,826 SGD (Inc. CPF OA)


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