• My Stock Report Card for Dec 2016
    US Stock - 18 Jan 2017SG Stock - 18 Jan 2017
    Total Dividend Collected from Jan – Dec 2016 : SGD $ 62,205.

    Income distribution in Dec came from Aimsamp Cap Reit, SPH. I sold off SPH as I think they might be too late in their transformation exercise and added some Facebook.

    Happy New Year :-). What a year, 2016 ! For the first time, the Singapore market performed badly while the US market hits all time high. As you might have noticed, in the past few years, I slowed down on the accumulation of dividend stocks in Singapore and started to look for growth stocks in the US market for purpose of diversifying my portfolio. I am relieved that the dividend revenue managed to increase as I was expecting a drop due to the privatization of Keppel Land and the poor performance of the Singapore market.