With Just 6 Weeks Left, How Has 2015 Treated You?

It’s that time of the year where the christmas jingles started playing in every corner of the streets. It reminds you that we are moving on yet again to a new year. As you grow older, time just flies by very very quickly. In 2011, I signed up for a coaching course and learnt the beauty of practicing mindfulness. Since then, every year, I would be asking myself these 8 powerful questions. It has helped me gain clarity of my current well being before I move on to set resolutions for the new year.

  1. How are you feeling ?
  2. What are you thinking ?
  3. What are the highlights of 2015 ?
  4. How has 2015 helped you grow ?
  5. Were there any disappointments ?
  6. Anything to leave behind?
  7. What have you learned this year ?
  8. How can these lessons take you powerfully into 2016 ?

Join me in reflecting, with just 6 weeks left, how has 2015 treated you ?

After you’ve done that, watch this energy boosting video before you move on to set your new year resolutions !

  1. Hi Lycf

    How true this video spoke.

    Live as simple as possible, but this is Singapore.

    Especially on the housing debt for 30 years.

    Bangkok maybe no time to go, but Buangkok just 2 stops away. hehe

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi Small-Time Investor,
      You can still live simply in Singapore. The purpose of the video is not to suggest that people go to the extremes like the speaker but to challenge us to think carefully about the choices we might be making everyday that makes our life harder than it can be.

  2. Hello LYCBF,

    Good inspiring video. I am going to show it to my close friends, so that they know I am not such a weird person after all. I live a simple life but many think I am ill treating myself. I don’t buy much stuff, hardly waste and eat occasionally at restaurants for special days.

    I agree with him that humans are making life so much complicated now. The debts they take on, they excesses they feed on, the pollution and killing of Mother Nature and the rise of human conflict and terrorism. Life was not so “advanced” 20 years ago, but it was simple. Have we really advanced then, with more issues and problems now than before.

    Just sharing my tots 🙂

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi An9elfire,

      Thanks for sharing. I am curious between you and AK, who lives a simpler life ;). It’s true that life 20 years ago although not as advanced is so much simpler. I was happy as a kid just standing outside the community centre watching black and white TV with the community. I didn’t feel poor not having TV at home. Life was fantastic when there were no emails and I could knock off at 5pm and is completely uncontactable. Nobody would bother to call me at my home number to ask me about work. Ironically, technologies seemed to have made our lives and relationships more complicated.

      For me, I am willing to splurge for experiences but not so much things. Decisions we make really do have an impact on how hard life will be for us. Few years ago, I was deciding whether to buy a condo or a HDB. After looking at the prices of condos, I decided to settle for a HDB so that I don’t get bogged down by the investment. After deciding to settle for a HDB, again I was contemplating between a EC, 5 room, 4 room, 3 room etc. Finally I settled for a 3 room. It is by far one of the best decision I’ve ever made, I do not need to go on debt to pay for my 3 room, cleaning is a piece of cake and I can declare semi-retirement without any concerns that I wouldn’t be able to pay for the monthly maintenance or debt.

      • I agree. I remember the days when I use WordPerfect, DOS, and life without emails. Nowadays whatapps groups have become the new email norm. U still have to login emails to read, but whatapps gets texts send to many almost instantaneously. I like whatapps for leisure, but using it for work is making life so much more complicated.

        I cannot be compared with AK la. He earns more in passive, is more knowledgable and I believe he lives a simpler life. I have my indulgences. I still go to restaurants often enough for occasions, travels often and likes comfort and pleasure. I just don spend on needless wants and frivolous pursuits. I prefer to spend on meaningful experiences.

        I also have my own 4rm hdb, fully paid. I have zero debt, enough money, and live a simple life. Nowadays I am seeking purpose and meaning, more than money. And this is bothering me cos the work I used to love is becoming mundane to me. So I thank god that I had started pursuing FI a while ago, so now I have options.

        Maybe we should meet to chat 🙂

        • Lady, You Can Be Free

          Hi An9elfire,
          Looks like you are in the same dilemma as me :-). If we look at it positively, it’s a happy problem I guess :-/
          I would love to meet and chat but I am really enjoying my anonymous status. Next time ba…when I am braver 🙂

          • Sure 🙂 it will be nice to meet someone of the same vine, but only if you want to as well. Courage, my lady, courage.

  3. Other than occasional traveling that requires higher expenses; actually most of the time I live quite simply and love nature such as parks and seas where walking and cycling is free.

    But, the fact, we are living in the city state so we cannot escape from high housing cost and higher utilities and food costs. Sigh!

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi CreateWealth8888,
      You can become an urban farmer and grow your own food :). Maybe you can even sell the excess food you grow for income. Check out this group that is championing “Grow Your Own Food” movement in Singapore

      • Hope one day, HDB decided to rent out sub plot in the heartland for real urban farming for food and not those hobbyist planting by RCs.

        • Lady, You Can Be Free

          Hi CreateWealth8888,

          Wouldn’t it be great if every HDB rooftop is a garden where the neighborhood can grow and harvest their own food. This would be a great activity for the aging, socializing every morning having coffee at the rooftop garden, followed by some hours farming. Even the burned out executives probably wouldn’t mind spending some hours in the weekends working in the farm with their kids. It can be a really therapeutic experience.

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