Profit Mastery Seminar, 27th September 2015

On the 17th January this year, I attended the personal financial investment seminar and was blown away by the richness of content by the speakers which were mainly bloggers in the finance community. I thought I would be bombarded by alot of ego driven bloggers each trying to outspeak each other about how much they have outshone each other’s record in terms of portfolio and investment style. This perception was based on the free training seminars that I’ve attended previously where the trainer will either flash their car or condo keys or make comments like “Follow me, limpxx will teach you how to make millions !!”. Instead, I met a bunch of really sincere bloggers trying to really share their financial knowledge to create a more financial savvy Singapore.

We are nearing the end of the year, it’s time to do another check on our financial health and knowledge once again. The same event organizer, Roland from  Wealth Directions has invited a new set of speakers. I am not familiar with them except for Dr Tee but the content looks really interesting. You get a 50% off (before 1 Sep) if you were to quote the discount code of “FAST50” at this link So hurry and see you there on the 27th September !!!

Note : I am not being paid for this promotion, neither do I know the organizer personally and I will also be paying for my own tickets to the event.

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