My Stock Report Card for Jun, Jul 2015

My Stock Report Card for Jun, Jul 2015

My SGX Stock Portfolio - 28 Jul 2015.png My US Stock Portfolio - 28 Jul 2015.png

Total Dividend Collected from Jan – Jul 2015 : SGD $ 31,001.44

Income distribution these two months came from Starhub, DBS, AimsAmp Cap Reit, Bank Of America, Apple and Citibank. I added some positions in Keppel Corp and HPH Trust.

  1. MauroNZ

    Hi Lady, I’m trying to figure out if overseas non resident in Singapore investor are charged tax in capital gains/dividends.

    Do you think is there any source of information maybe?.


  2. wainc

    I also start buying Keppel since early of the year, the dividend history was impressive and hard to ignore. With the backlog to work on for another few year, let hope it will able to survive this difficult situation.

    What were your reason to buy Keppel?

  3. Tony Tay

    Lady, congratulation for your achievement. can you share with me which broker in Singapore you use to buy US stock. Does your broker charge you custodian fee?
    best regards

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi Tony,
      Have answered this via FB.

  4. stephan

    What’s your thoughts for adding hph trust given China is on a decline?

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi Stephan,
      I am not trading the stock. I don’t believe China will be declining forever.

  5. Patsy

    Hi Lady, I too would like to know your answer to Tony Tay’s question above? could you let me know? Thank you.

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi Patsy, Here’s my reply to tony. I am using dbs vickers. They don’t charge any custodian fee only commission when u buy or sell a stock.

  6. Hi Lady, you are really inspire me. I am also working towards generating passive income, hopefully the same amount as you. It seems such a slow journey. hopefully, few years down the road, i will see good progress. thank you.

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi PI Trooper,
      Good luck ! Keep us posted in your progress 🙂

  7. NInja

    whats your view in alibaba group now , any reason to continue holding?

      • darren

        Hi Lady, any advice of action in this slump? I am going for the long term and planning to hold dividend stocks admist the slump which I bought more than 1 year ago.

        • Lady, You Can Be Free

          Hi Darren,
          There are some bargain stocks that may be worth picking if you have a strong stomach. 🙂

  8. Hi Lady, any stocks you would recommend in this correction ? Thks

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi Mike,
      Sorry. I am not an expert in stock recommendations.

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