What is the price of your dream?

How much money will you need to be financially secure, independent, or free ? Is it $1 million ? $5 million ? $ 500 million? This was a question that Tony Robbins asked in his recent book “Money, Master the Game”.

He shared that dreams may not be as unreachable as it seemed, but because we are constantly seeking significance, comparing ourselves with someone else so we never feel fulfilled. There’s always someone bigger, taller, stronger, faster, richer, funnier, younger, more handsome, more beautiful , with a bigger yacht, a nicer car, a nicer home.

He gave an example of how he helped his would-be billionaire friend identify the real price of his dreams. His billionaire friend dreamed of owning his own private jet and island. Tony sat his friend down to work out how much money it cost to buy and maintain a plane and how much he thinks he would fly for a year. They concluded that he only need $500K if he wanted to fly by Gulfstream on every flight, this is still far less than the annual price of maintenance on many jets and at a cost that would be less than 1% of the cost of buying that Gulfstream. They also concluded that if he and his family were to rent an island resort every year for a decade with 50 staff taking care of them, it only cost them $3.5 million vs $30-40 million, with no work to maintain the property.

Tony wanted to show his friend that he could still live the extraordinary life he was dreaming of for 99% less money than he thought he needed. At the end of the day, money itself is not a goal, the places money can take us, the time and freedom and experience and opportunity money can bring, these are what we are really after.

What is the price of your dream ?

  1. Long time ago, I tot the price of my dream was 1 mil. When I achieved 1m, I wanted 2m, so that it will be “safer”. But as I got older, I realise that while I am chasing the extra money, my time on this earth is getting lesser. So now, I live below my means, so that I do not need 2m, and I can spend my remaining time on meaningful pursuits and with my loved ones. Thank you for your timely article, for it reminds me again of the importance of not chasing $ for $’s sake, but to lead a purposeful and fulfilled life. Happy CNY 🙂

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi An9elfire,
      Looks like we are facing the same crossroads. Or is this what they call midlife crisis :). Happy Chinese New Year !

      • Hello LYCBF, mid life crisis? Haha. No, no. We are only as young as we feel, and I feel younger, fitter and sexier than many younger guys 🙂 let’s call it wisdom and maturity 🙂 cheers

  2. Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.” — Isaiah. 55:1
    The title of your blogpost attracts me 🙂 as that has been a subject I’m immensely interested and practicing for sometime. I say, the price of dreams are free if one would use his god given ability to dream about what he/she really wants.

    The quantum be it 1m or 1b is of lesser significance as compared to the boldness and courage one must possess to dare to dream about it. By creating a sum, say 1m , many would inevitably created a “distance” or “gap” between what he has now and what he desired in the future.

    Then, he spent many many weeks and months to learn and study techniques from teachers and gurus who promised them a taste of their dream with an exchange of the course fees……..

    The cycle repeats when he did get a step closer but the psychological distance makes him uncomfortable, frustrated and even angry. So he learnt from more by paying for more………

    That was how most of us are taught to be financially free, independent, etc when really the means to an end can be without money or price if one know where and who to learn from….

    The end is the beginning!
    Happy new year and may your dreams come true!

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi Desmond,
      Hmmm.. we are subconsciously creating “distance” to our dreams – interesting perspective :). Happy Chinese New Year and may your dreams come true as well !!

  3. Hi LYCBF,

    Thanks for sharing this article! It reminded me that we can have a lot of things at a much cheaper price if we look for them! We don’t necessarily have to own them to enjoy them. I think as we grow in wealth we think we would be happier if we owned something that our money can buy us. As a form of reward, I guess.

    We fail to realise that happiness need not be having to own something, but how that something can bring us joy and it can be rented instead of having to pay full value for it. Still happy, albeit at a cheaper price. Getting it at a cheap price could possibly outweigh the joy of purchasing the whole item at times as well!

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi aloypro,
      Great insight 🙂 May your dreams come true and Happy Chinese New Year !!

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi pib,
      There is no price tag to my dream. All I needed is time and courage to get out of my comfort zone. 🙂

      • $ can be used to buy time and courage. but sometimes its easier said than done.

  4. Hi Lady,

    Just here to give you some ideas for the price fo your dream.
    Don’t only look into what you want, what does your loved ones want? Exploring the world? A house by the beach? Because when they’re happy, you’ll be. And memories lasts for a lifetime. Make it count.
    Are you looking to help others? Create webinars, seminars, workshops for children on financial literacy maybe?
    Create a brand of your own maybe? Ladies’ clothings, shoes, travel guide, etc?

    Everyone needs a dream to move on. Make it big so that it’s difficult, but close enough to reach. Dream big 🙂

    The IA

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  6. The price of one’s dream is as much as one’s faith. 🙂

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