My Stock Report Card for Jan 2015

My Stock Report Card for Jan 2015

My SG Stock Portfolio - 31 Jan 2015My US Stock Portfolio - 31 Jan 2015

Total Dividend Collected from Jan 2015 : SGD $40.90.

Income distribution this month came from Keppel Reit and Singtel.

Keppel Corp announce to take Keppel Land private at 4.60. Apple and Facebook results were smashing. Facebook’s advertising strategy is looking really promising. Alibaba didn’t meet earning expectation.

  1. Hi Lady, what do you normally do when you are not window shopping and how do you resist the temptation to shop for bags, clothes, make ups etc?..Its so difficult to resist the temptation to buy new things 🙁

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi Nash,
      I still buy shoes, bags, clothes and makeups. I don’t buy that much of these things as I grow older coz it just accumulates. You just run out of space for them and somehow it gets less fulfilling owning these things. I tend to splurge on travel instead now as I feel that every trip is like a learning experience for me. The memories that you bring back are priceless. It’s a personal preference I guess. Just spend within your means and don’t end up in debt. That’s the most important.

  2. Hey, may i ask which brokerage do you use to buy shares?

  3. Benjamin


    Seems like sabana take up quite a percentage in your portfolio. Despite its falling price. Do you plan to hold onto it? Thanks.

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi Benjamin,
      So far I have collected $4192 dividends from Sabana itself as of Dec 2014. Thus, the loss is not as bad as it seems. I made a bad decision of not selling last year. I may divest if I see something interesting that I would like to accumulate. In the meantime, will continue to collect the dividends.

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