My Stock Report Card for March 2014

My Stock Report Card for March 2014

My SG Stock Portfolio - 22 Mar 2014My US Stock Portfolio - 22 Mar 2014

Total Dividend Collected from Jan – Mar 2014 : SGD $5,176.46.

Sold SIA and was allocated 7000 lots of Aimsampi Reit at SGD $1.08.

Sorry for not updating lately. My blog admin site have been blocking me from access. Think my internet service provider have been fooling around too much with the firewall. Hope I have been missed ;-p.

  1. Ah John

    Seems your hunting is quite successful, all US 4 counters all in black.

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi Ah John,
      My singapore portfolio ain’t that pretty lately :).

  2. Melting_starz


    Chanced upon your blog and want to say you are really amazing! Done the ladies proud~ 🙂 it is very encouraging for beginners like me! Thanks!

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi Melting_starz,
      Thanks for dropping by. I am still a beginner as well. Let’s learn from each other ;-).

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