My Stock Report Card for January 2014

My Stock Report Card for January 2014

My SG Stock Portfolio - 26 Jan 2014My US Stock Portfolio - 26 Jan 2014

Total Dividend Collected from Jan 2014 : SGD 37.40.

Accumulated Capitamall Trust Reit, Hutchison Port Holdings and Singapore Technologies Engineering this month. Received dividend income from SingTel.

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  1. Interesting and inspiring website you have. Just an observation though, why did you accumulate so much starhub? Is it because you like the Company or because you get ESOP as part of your employment? ^_^ And congratulations on achieving $1m. Not many people can do that via stock investments. 🙂

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Thanks Mr IPO, I am glad you found my blog interesting. I accumulated starhub then because they were increasing dividend YOY in the good old days and they actually commit to the dividends that they will pay for the next year in their annual results. They have been consistent with their promise. So I liked them then. No, I don’t work for Starhub 🙂

  2. Hi lady, just wondering have u gone into retirement?
    How do you pass ur time daily?


  3. Came across your blog and am inspired by what you have achieved. Thanks for sharing. Am looking forward to your next post – any updates?

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi Tony,
      Thanks for dropping by. Sorry, I have not been that regular lately. I was having some really challenging technical problems with my blog site lately, it has been blocking me from accessing my admin page :-p. Will be updating soon. Stay tuned!

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