• Age : 39
  • Total Employment : 169,614 SGD
  • Total Local Investment : 1,074,614 SGD
  • Total Foreign Investment : 366,178 SGD
  • Total Dividends : 51,291 SGD
  • Monthly Passive Income : 4,274 SGD
  • Total Net Worth : 1,787,826 SGD (Inc. CPF OA)


  1. baoge


    I chanced upon your site and saw that you differentiate your investment into local and overseas investment. Does the local investment amount represent the amount that you have invested in local stocks thus far ? Or does it represent the total current value of the stocks you have invested?

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi Baoge,
      The local investment is the total current value not the cost of my investment.

  2. Hi Big Sis! 🙂 Your journey so far has been nothing short of an achievement , what would be one piece of advice you would share to your younger self regarding your investments?

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hello Doraemon / Kendrick,
      One piece of advice I would share to my younger self would be – Lady, wished you had started younger 🙂

  3. Kanyon


    First time reader of your blog. I see strong similarities between uourself (at the start of your financial journey) and myself now. Im 31 and at almost the same income level.
    Amazed and inspired by your journey as i started mine at 24 and only has $4k of annual dividends last year.
    One thing im curious is, your investment/net worth jumped alot year on year, did u do it more by:
    – reinvesting your realised capital gains
    – your bonus is quite significant and u use them for investment?

    The problem i have is i find it hard to increase the amount i can invest every year as i dun really realise my capital gains nor do i have significant bonus. Would like to get some inspiration from u , thanks!

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