• Age : 34
  • Total Employment : Not Available
  • Total Investment : 205,031 SGD
  • Total Dividends : 18,813 SGD
  • Monthly Passive Income : 1,568 SGD
  • Total Net Worth : 370,833 SGD (Inc. CPF OA)



  1. Ms cat

    I saw that you manage to grow ur fund even after the financial Crisis, how did you do that? Did u sell any of your fund then or you hold them and wait for the market to recover? What is the mental preparation one must have in order to survive the crisis?

    Cos I ‘m new to investment, could you share some of your secret? Thank you 🙂

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi Ms Cat,
      I picked up more bargain stocks during the financial crisis that’s why my funds grew after the crisis. I didn’t sell much of my stocks as most of them I was confident that they could tie over the crisis. Not much mental preparation needed, as long as you know what you have bought, you will know whether to keep them or dump them. Hope this helps.

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