• Age : 31
  • Total Employment : 91,643 SGD
  • Total Investment : 112,701 SGD
  • Total Dividends : 1,724 SGD
  • Monthly Passive Income : 144 SGD
  • Total Net Worth : 275,033 SGD (Inc. CPF OA)



  1. Hi, you’re such an inspiration! How did you jump start your portfolio from slightly over 7k to over 100k within a year?

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi Jasmine,
      Good to connect with Female Bloggers, I was getting alittle lonely here ! ;). I only started my financial freedom journey in 2005. So the 100 K was my savings !

  2. Ms cat

    Hi your blog is very inspiring! I just visited your blog and wondered why did you had the courage to put all your saving in investments?? Also,did you felt difficult when all your fund locked in the stocks then? Could you share your feelings? Looking at your latest post I know ur decision was right but I guess it will take me great courage to do so.

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi Ms cat,
      Glad that my blog can be a source of inspiration to you. I didn’t put all my savings in investments in day 1.
      I spent quite some time researching, studying patterns and making mistakes before I become comfortable in stock investment. I don’t feel difficult when my funds are locked in the stocks because I know I can always sell them anytime I want.

  3. Ms cat

    Thanks for ur reply, I guess I will start to do something like you, do research, make some mistake and gain experience in investment 😀

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi Ms Cat,
      Good luck and have fun. Play safe though :-).

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