• Age : 29
  • Total Employment : 74,207 SGD
  • Total Investment : 7,338 SGD
  • Total Dividends : 938 SGD
  • Monthly Passive Income : 78 SGD
  • Total Net Worth : 124,474 SGD (Inc. CPF OA)
  1. Hi lady you can be free,

    I’m currently at 29, and am working on achieving financial freedom too. I went from 18k in debt to achieving positive net worth within a year. I’m curious, what stock did you hold in 2003 that generates a return close to 13%? 🙂

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi Jasmine,
      I only started keeping track of my investment from 2005 onwards when I started my financial freedom project. I don’t remember what I was holding in 2003, that was 10 years ago :). Sorry !

  2. Hi ladyyoucanbefree!
    I am turning 25 soon and just want to let you know that I really appreciate your effort for noting down your financial milestones year on year! In fact, I’ve been referring to your timeline as a benchmark to what I should be aiming to achieve! Thanks so much for that!

    On a side note, I noticed between age 28 and 29, your monthly passive income has increased from $20 to $78, with mere $2000 increment in your investment amount. Was there a specific reason for the huge leap? Were you starting to invest in REITS or changing up your investment strategy?

    Really appreciate your influence in the beginning of my journey 🙂 Much love!

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi G,
      Good to hear that you’ve started your own financial journey :). The increment is probably due to a special dividend declared by one of the stocks that I have invested. There were no change in investment strategy. I only started REITS investment very recently aka 3-4 years ago. Hope this helps.

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