• Age : 28
  • Total Employment : 76,258 SGD
  • Total Investment : 5,226 SGD
  • Total Dividends : 241 SGD
  • Monthly Passive Income : 20 SGD
  • Total Net Worth : 99, 328 SGD (Inc. CPF OA)
  1. Hammy

    Hi lady, do you mind helping to clarify what is
    1) total employment (does this mean the total sum you have earned in a year from your job?)
    as well as
    2) total investment (would this mean the amount of money you put into investing this year?)

    Last question!! Am i right to say that you started investing at the age of 26?? And how much do you save/put into investing each month?

    Oops i guess that was 2 questions lol.

    • Lady, You Can Be Free

      Hi Hammy,
      1) Yes
      2) No. It is the value of my portfolio not the amount of money I put into investing that year.

      I started investing only in 2005 i.e. 31. Before that, my parents were using my account that’s why I could see the CDP statement and had that “aha” moment. I don’t really have a fixed amount that I put into investment. I invest only when I see there are interesting buys.

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